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Mentor, Survivor

Phebe Fuqua

Phebe Fuqua resides in Daytona Beach, Florida. She has three beautiful children, who are her drive and motivation, to excel personally and professionally. One of her favorite quotes is, “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.” As a seven-year breast cancer survivor, Phebe has used her 90% to inspire to change and impact to make a difference, in the lives of many people.

Phebe is the President and Senior Operations Officer for Elite Eagle Developments Inc. (EED). EED offers consulting throughout the USA and Internationally, with Business Development/Project Management Consulting and Notary and Document Preparations. As an Entrepreneur, Phebe also owns and co-own other businesses throughout the USA and other countries. Aside from her businesses, Phebe travels, speaking to various audiences through Transformational and Motivational Speaking, aswell as conducting seminars and workshops.

Phebe has experience in Executive Operations, Innovative Designs, Business Development, Non-Profit Development, Political Strategies/Operation/Development and Mobilizing Grassroot Campaigns. She was the Vice President and Senior Director of Operations and Business Development of one of the Top Accounting Firms in Central Florida. The company was an award-winning financial services firm that managed clients’ portfolios and accounts that valued in over $1.2 million dollars. The firm specialized in tax preparation services, small business development, political consulting, bookkeeping, payroll, not for profit development and much more.

Phebe has helped clients find solutions to their business needs. Phebe’s motto is “Soaring to bring your vision to life.” Phebe has many years of experience as a consultant and strategist, working for several companies, both small and large. She has also worked for State and Government contracts. Through the years, Phebe gained insight on how to effectively run and operate the vision that has been placed within everyone’s life. Phebe has over 15 years of experience that not only built her career to help others, but captivated lives, making it easier for business owners to function.

Additionally, Phebe has also worked as the Senior Political Director on a progressive Political Strategy team. This team provided political strategies for 21 local and state campaigns and assisted on presidential races on the stateside and has won over 90% of the campaigns they have been a part of. The firm also partners with community engagement organizations to provide diverse services and resources to the underserved areas within Volusia County. Currently, Phebe is the Senior Political Strategist of her firm, successfully providing political consulting throughout the USA and Internationally, with a success ranking at 95% of the races the firm worked with.

Recently, Phebe recently was awarded the Top 50 Women In Accounting for two years, the 40 Under Forty Top Business Professionals in the Flagler and Volusia County area for two years, the top 40 Influential Business Women in the Flagler and Volusia County area for two years, and also recently the Who’s Who America’s Business owners award for the last five years. She was recently awarded the Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide 2022.

Finally, Phebe has a love for the Arts and enjoys singing, playing the keyboard, and various other instruments, while arranging music. She also enjoys writing poetry and short stories. Her heart for the community is huge. Her goal in life is to always “Inspire to Change, and Impact to make a Difference.”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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